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Dana Chau

Founder, Director and Coach. Christ-centered Living Network

Email: cclncoaching@gmail.com

Pastor of Young Adults. Bay Area Chinese Bible Church



Mission:  To empower Christians to live out and pass on Christ-centered convictions for ministry and for life.

Vision:  Developing Christ-centered leaders who produce Christ-centered ministries and members


Resource development and delivery of teaching and training content to fulfill the mission

Multiplication of ministry accessibility and impact through technology and collaboration with Christ-centered coaches
  • Coaching in life planning and Christ-centered living
  • Bible teaching at worship services and at retreats
  • Personal leadership training workshops


Pira Tritasavit

Founder and Coach. Kingdom Professionals Coaching


Email: kingdompros@gmail.com


Mission: Kingdom Professionals Coaching exists to help Christian Professionals bring Sundays into their workdays.

Vision: Kingdom Professionals Coaching is about:

  • taking the best ideas in your head
  • connecting the best motives in your heart
  • and employing the best practices with your hands


  • Training Workshops:  Coaching Skills, Financial Peace, Workplace Witnesses; Marriage & Relationships; Christian Leadership
  • Couples Coaching:  Prepare, Enrich, Delight


Winsome Wu

Executive Director, Asian American Leadership Center


Lead Pastor, The Journey: Bay Area Christian Fellowship 


Email: winsomewu@yahoo.com


Mission:  To empower Asian Americans for life and leadership in service to God and others

Vision:  To establish a network of ministry leaders who are empowered to support local churches, start new outreach ministries, and serve alongside community organizations to address the spiritual and social needs of Asian Americans in their local communities and around the world. 

Our hope is that by meeting the spiritual and social needs of Asian Americans, we can inspire and equip more people to grow to their full potential, and to live their lives for Jesus Christ.

Three-fold focus includes:

  • Emerging Leaders: Empowering emerging and entrepreneurial leaders to start new churches and ministries by providing coaching and a non-profit organizational platform from which to launch their new ministries, 
  • Existing Leaders: Equipping existing church and parachurch leaders in their current ministries by providing strategic planning and consulting, and 
  • Research: Exploring various leadership issues impacting the development of Asian American leaders by conducting research among Asian American leaders and churches.





The Mission, Vision and Strategies of the Christ-centered Living Network are made possible through your prayer, participation and partnership.

To collaborate, click the Contact Us page and let’s talk about how we can serve together.

To contribute, click here.  (A new tab will open to Asian American Leadership Center, which provides ministry and financial accountability and receives contribution to support the work of Christ-centered Living Network.)
The Apostle Paul wrote in Galatians 6:6,“The one who receives instruction in the Word should be willing to contribute towards the livelihood of his teacher.”

Margaret Thatcher pointed out, “No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he only had good intentions.  He had money as well.”