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AB 813: DDS Service Outcome Pilot

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AB 813 will establish an administrative pilot program, through the Department of Developmental Services, in order to better track and measure outcomes and quality in the developmental disability service area. These outcomes will include clear and consistent standards for service delivery, and measure the success that consumers experience as they use these services to access their chosen ways of life.


Existing law establishes the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act, which requires the Department of Developmental Services to contract with regional centers to provide services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families so that these consumers can pursue their chosen ways of life in the community.


The state has been concerned about the rising cost of providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities for several years. There is increasing pressure from policymakers to understand how to provide quality services in a manner that balances the intent of the Lanterman Act, but also provides value. Last year’s analysis of the DDS budget from the LAO included this acknowledgement:

DDS’ Current Data Systems Provide Limited Ability to Understand Unmet Needs. The current data available about DDS consumers and services are not comprehensive and are not collected in a systematic manner. This makes understanding the extent to which service needs go unmet across the state difficult. In particular, DDS does not collect enough data to quantify whether service providers have sufficient capacity to meet consumers’ diverse needs or whether consumers have sufficient choice among providers.

California currently lacks clear and consistent service delivery outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities and must develop a mechanism for measuring and quantifying the value of delivery outcomes.

The state, in partnership with regional centers and providers, has the opportunity to develop data and quality metrics to better evaluate how services are delivered and reimbursed to the developmentally disabled community.


AB 813 will require the Department of Developmental Services, on or before July 1, 2023, to establish a three-year pilot project to develop metrics and methods of data collection to evaluate the outcomes of services authorized by regional centers and provided through a vendor to consumers. The department will be tasked with selecting at least three regional centers to participate in the pilot project, identifying up to four types of services for which metrics and methods of data collection will be developed, and developing metrics and methods of data collection that evaluate specified indicators related to the provision of services.

The bill will require regional centers who voluntarily participate in the pilot project to permit their service delivery system to be used to test the metrics and methods of data collection developed by the department. Additionally, the pilot project will train participants in the use of these methods in order to implement methods for continuous person-centered service improvement.


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