Dr. Jeremiah Pearcey - Cognitive Biases, Race and Intersectionality

The focus of this program will be to highlight key principles of unconscious bias from both physiological and psychological perspectives. This class will consist of hands-on demonstrations that will allow participants to see how their brain, the categorization machine, categorizes information and produces bias unconsciously. These techniques and information will help individuals identify their own mental processes involved in bias, allow them to acknowledge the limitations of our brains, and help them to empathize with individuals on a deeper, more transformative, level.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Jeremiah Pearcey jeremiah.pearcey@gmail.com Jeremiah is a Doctor of Cognitive Psychology and military veteran, with over 15 years of experience employing and teaching diversity and inclusion from a psychophysiological, or mind- body, approach. He specializes in conscious/unconscious biases, psychological constructs of organization, intersectionality, and stress, using integrative modalities (guided meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, sensory deprivation) to improve understanding of these processes and their impacts on daily life. A passionate scientist and scholar, Dr. Pearcey is dedicated to raising awareness of biases, why they’re innate and needed, and providing tools for individuals to notice and overcome these prejudices. He currently works as the Director of Community Outreach for The Institute for Spirituality and Health in Houston, TX, and is the CEO of COSMI (cause-me) LLC, which designs psychoeducational programs for the Veteran’s Administration, police departments, nonprofit organizations nationwide, and others.

CCLN MONTHLY MEMBER MEET UP: The Self-Determination Program: Opportunities for Traditional Services Provider to Think Outside of the Box.

What is the SDP? The Self-Determination Program allows individuals who are served by regional centers to have more choice and flexibility through person-centered planning and the control of an individual budget and how it is spent on the services, activities, and items they want to help them meet their goals. The Self-Determination Program has been in existence for over 20 years in California from a pilot project in five regional centers to a three-year phase-in period that ended in June. On July 1, 2021, the SDP became available to all regional center clients. 

This presentation will explain the SDP and how traditional regional center service providers can support clients in a way that avoids bureaucracy and gives them the ability to provide truly person-centered and innovative services. 

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