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Exciting Action Alert!


Time to Act!  It’s an exciting new day for our community we can’t miss this opportunity to improve the lives and outcomes for people with developmental disabilities.

This week there is a crucial hearing on the future of developmental disability programs. The State Legislature will determine whether we move forward with high quality, innovative, dignified and accountable service solutions or whether California ignores the $1.8 Billion funding shortfall and chooses the status quo.

Thursday is the first full legislative hearing on the released DDS Rate Study, and it’s the best opportunity for members of the newly created Path Forward Collaborative to debut our data driven solutions backed by the integrity, credibility and power of our respected grassroots members.

The Senate Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services will be considering the rate study and California’s 2019-2020 Budget, Thursday, May 9th, starting at 1:00pm in the State Capitol. But we need your help, starting now!

How Can You Help?

We need you to call, write, message and tweet members of the Senate Budget Subcommittee #3 asking them to take a simple but historic step forward.  We are urging committee members to use the State’s own DDS rate study to begin a new era in community-based services - by taking the first step toward implementing the new rate formulas.  With a few simple fixes, our community is ready to seize this opportunity and begin advancing innovative solutions with measurable results.

The campaign is called #WhatsMyWorth and we need you to take action right now!

  • ·       Phone – Pick up the phone and give legislators a call. Politely and briefly tell them why you are calling and why you hope they’ll choose the #PathForward to immediately begin phasing in the rate study.
  • ·       Write – Pick-up a pen or start clicking on your keyboard to write a letter or send an email.  Start byclicking here for template: Template Letter Budget hearing Siub 3.6.19.docx
  • ·       Fax – Yes, old fashioned faxing of letters still works!
  • ·       Social/Digital Media – C’mon, we know you have lots of friends and you are their most credible messenger on this topic. Please post on facebook, Twitter or Instagram and ask your friends to help spread the word, too. Social media is a powerful, free and simple tool to engage legislators directly, but we need your help to get the message out. You can download some Social Media Images Here: Social Media Downloads.pdf,Social Media Poster Here: Social Media posts.docx, or create your own. We encourage you to show pictures of DSP’s with their clients along with the #WhatsMyWorth and #PathForward hastags.  We also encourage you to download this #WhatsMyWorth Logo Here:WhatsMyWorth Logo.jpg Use this logo as your facebook or twitter profile picture.
  • ·       Show up – Please attend the State Capitol hearing, May 9th, Room 4203, starting at 1pm. We plan to have #WhatsMyWorth buttons for people attending the Thursday hearing and we look forward to seeing you there.

Together, working with the new Path Forward Collaborative, we can create an inclusive path forward that supports dignity, choice and equal opportunity for Californians with developmental disabilities.

Please Contact:

Senator Richard Pan (Chair)

Phone: 916-651-4006

Fax: 916-651-4906

Twitter: @DrPanMD 


Senator Melissa Hurtado

Phone: 916-651-4014

Fax: 916-651-4914

Twitter: @Senator_Hurtado



Senator Jeff Stone

Phone: 916-651-4028

Fax: 916-651-4928

Twitter: @SenJeffStone


Senator Holly J. Mitchell, Chair Senate Budget and Fiscal Review

Phone: 916-651-4030

Fax: 916-651-4930

Twitter: @HollyJMitchell


Please share with your networks.

Thanks in advance for your continued advocacy!

-Mark Melanson


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