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AB-1568 Developmental services: independent living skills services: rates. (2023-2024)

Introduced by Assembly Member Jim Wood


Asm Wood's Budget Letter: ILS Budget letter.pdf


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California Community Living Network Concern Regarding the Bureau of Labor Statistics Wage Assumptions used in Burns & Associates Independent Living Services (ILS) Rate Model (520)

  • CCLN's Document on the ILS Rate Issue can be found HERE
  • CCLN's Detailed Document of the ILS Rate Issue can be found HERE
  • CCLN's Detailed Analysis of the ILS Rate Issue can be found HERE

California Legislative Analyst Office May 1, 2019 Letter to Assembly Budget Sub 1. Upon request of the Chair, Assembly Member Reyes 

              Click here to view  LAO Letter to Asm Budget Sub1

California Legislative Analyst Office May 9, 2019 Report 

Click here to view "Options and Considerations for Implementing the DDS Rate Study"

ILS Rate Issue highlights from the LAO Report :

  • Independent living services: This will be an important service as the system becomes more “person-centered,” yet the rate model proposes an aggregate rate decrease.
  • Rate Model Readiness. Rate models in these four categories are relatively refined, with at least two major exceptions—the wage assumption for independent living services (potentially too low) and the administrative cost assumption for participant-directed respite (administrative costs currently excluded).


Media Contact: Marcey Brightwell marcey@brightwellstrategies.com

# W h a t s M y W o r t h

Workforce Shortage - Direct Support Professional Competitive Wage Study

  • Community Living Services
  • Independent Living Services
  • Respite
  • Personal Assistance
  • Supported Employment  


Comparison of Proposed versus Competitive Wage 


Click here to view the above chart 

Comparison of Proposed versus Competitive Wage.xlsx 

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