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CCLN Governmental Affairs

The California Community Living Network is committed to advocating for supported living and independent living services across the State of California. With this end in mind the Steering Committee developed a governmental affairs sub-committee for CCLN.

Co-Chairs of the sub-committee:

Members of the sub-committee:

The intent of the Governmental Affairs Committee is to work with the political structure in California to ensure Supported Living and Independent Living continue to be an option for all people with Developmental Disabilities across California.

The Governmental Affairs Committee participates on several statewide committees and groups:

  • The Budget Advisory Group to the Department of Developmental Services
    • CCLN meets quarterly with the Director of DDS and select Deputy Directors
  • Coalition of other statewide provider organizations that include:
    • The ARC
    • CDSA
    • Easter Seals
    • Respite Association
    • Association of Regional Center Agencies
    • Disability Rights California
    • Disability Voices United

It is critical that the entire membership is part of the Political Action Plan for SLS, ILS, Respite, Personal Assistance and Employment. The committee encourages every agency to develop an advocacy plan. We have developed a CCLN_GrassrootsToolkit.pdf (PDF, 3.7 MB), developed by CDSA and adapted for CCLN, that can be viewed and downloaded for your use. The committee will continue to update the toolkit and provide additional information as needed. Please feel free to contact any member of the Governmental Affairs subcommittee with any questions.




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