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Related to Human Resources, these sites relate more to the training and supervision needs of your supported living or independent living staff, whether CSF’s or direct support workers.  There are some really exciting sites here that you may find essential.

  • Center for Personal Assistance Service / Community Living Policy Center - The Center for Personal Assistance Services provides research, training, dissemination and technical assistance on issues of personal assistance services (PAS) in the United States.
  • Christmas in Purgatory (on - A series of revelations about conditions at the Willowbrook State School in New York, and the release of the book “Christmas in Purgatory” shed light on a population that was “out of sight, out of mind” behind the walls of institutions in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The public’s reaction was one of revulsion, as the brutal conditions in which people with disabilities were forced to live were laid bare for all to see. These two events contributed to much of the litigation, laws, public policies and funding that provided the basis for a new understanding and appreciation for the basic humanity, civil rights and potential of people with disabilities in mainstream society.
  • Peter Leidy - Peter Leidy is a consultant, trainer, and speaker on human services. He focuses on personalized supports and community membership for people with disabilities. He also writes and sings songs about human serviceland and those who find themselves connected to it.
  • The Supported Living Toolbox - This 442 page document can help supported living agencies develop a toolbox of information, materials and resources for helping everyone learn about supported living.

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