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It is important to know how the State of California is operationally designed in order to not only advocate for services, but also to know how various funding streams relate to the people you support, and to your agency.  These sites will provide you with information about resources provided through the State of California to fund your agency, and to provide needed services to the people you support.

  • ARCA: Association of Regional Center Agencies  The mission of the Association of Regional Center Agencies is to represent the autonomous regional centers in supporting and advancing the intent and mandate of the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act.
  • A Consumer's Guide to the Lanterman Act - The publication, "A Consumer's Guide to the Lanterman Act," is a booklet for adults with developmental disabilities and was written with the help of consumers.
  • Department of Developmental Services - The California Department of Developmental Services is the agency through which the State of California provides services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • California’s Civil Rights Agency - Protecting the people of California from unlawful discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations and from the perpetration of acts of hate violence.
  • Department of Rehabilitation - Working in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living and equality for individuals with disabilities.
  • Social Security Administration - The official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration.
  • State Council on Developmental Disabilities - The State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) is established by state and federal law as an independent state agency to ensure that people with developmental disabilities and their families receive the services and supports they need.
  • California Health & Human Services Agency (CalHHS) - CalHHS's mission is to work together with counties, cities, and communities, as well as our public, private, faith, and educational partners to make California a healthy, vibrant, inclusive place to live, play, work, and learn.

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