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Free videos you can find online, from YouTube or elsewhere:

  • Let's Work! Documentary This is a documentary about 8 young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their experiences and successes in competitive integrated employment.
  • When the Moon Come Up
    Norman Kunc was born with cerebral palsy. Although the doctors recommended that he be institutionalized, Norman's parents ignored their advice and took him home. Norman has received a Masters of Science in Family Therapy and become a well-known disability rights advocate, yet he has always been haunted by what his life might have been like had his parents followed the doctors' advice. In a collage of powerful images set to poignant music, Norman Kunc expresses the terror of almost having been incarcerated for life.
  • A Credo for Support
    A powerful 4 minute video set to music which offers a series of suggestions for people who care about and support someone with a disability. It prompts viewers to question the common perceptions of disability, professionalism, and support. Designed for use in presentations, in-service, staff training, and orientation programs, this video can be a provocative catalyst for a dialogue on these issues.
  • A Credo for Support, People First version
    Norman Kunc & Emma Van der Klift's video, "A Credo for Support" - spoken by members of San Luis Obispo People First.
  • I Define Me!
    This short film comes from ideas of people with developmental disabilities about what they wanted non-disabled folks to know about what it is like to have a disability. Disabled folks want everyone to know the kinds of labels people put on the disabled. "I Define Me" shows how some disabled folks feel about being labeled. This video has been sent to Canadian TV stations as a PSA (Public Service Announcement). Visit to find out more.
  • We’re Here to Speak for Justice: Founding California’s Regional Centers (large file)
    California's regional centers have been serving individuals with developmental disabilities for over 45 years. This film documents the founding of the regional center system and the major accomplishments of the centers in the decades since.
  • More Alike than Different - NDSC
    More Alike than Different (with Spanish subtitles)
    In this video, used with permission from the National Down Syndrome Congress, a group of self-advocates tell the “More Alike” story in their own words and out of their personal experiences. Brought to NDSC by the generosity and hard work of the Cliff and Rosalie Faith family of Sacramento, California, this video goes right at issues such as the pain inflicted by the "R" word and goes on to show how self-advocates from across the country have made lives for themselves that are, indeed, more alike.
  • We're More Alike than Different
    People with Down syndrome make great employees, are honest and hardworking, have dreams and aspirations, and have more in common with you and I than we realize. Helping change these perceptions is the goal of the successful campaign from The National Down Syndrome Congress.
  • Mr. W.
    In this, at first puzzling clip, one learns about the power of identifying strengths and purpose in everyone, including those who, at first sight, might be perceived as “problematic”.
  • I Can Help You With Those Behavior Problems
    This xtranormal movie highlights what can go wrong when behavior analysts, who are knowledgeable in the subject of applied behavior analysis, don't translate their language!
  • Teaching in Appropriate Behavior
    A Behaviorist teaches staff about appropriate behavior.
  • Creating Home – Part 1
    Cynics believe that community living for people with intellectual disabilities is unrealistic for those with complex needs. Albert, Bert, and those who believed in them demonstrate through this remarkable film that the benefits of community living have no age limits. Take note of the changes in Bert and Albert after the move. How do you think life in an institution would change your view of the world? How would you feel about sharing your bedroom and bathroom 24/7?
  • Creating Home – Part 2
  • The Power of 504
    Section 504, of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, is a very important piece of legislation. It is a source of empowerment for people with disabilities. This video tells the story of the protests and demonstrations leading to 504.

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