Quality Assurance

CCLN believes that self-monitoring through a QA process helps agencies stay centered on the values and principles they have committed to provide.

Why is Quality Assurance essential?

Supporting people to live in their local communities is allowing people with disabilities to live their own lives.  These services are giving many an opportunity to experience life, take risks and live their dreams.  However, we carry an enormous responsibility to provide these services with values and following the 5 Principles. We all need to take the time to review our services and ensure that the values and principles are not getting lost in the day to day processes of keeping a business alive and surviving political changes.

Taking the time to conduct an internal review gives us the opportunity to hear from all of our stakeholders and to see where we can improve and where we shine.  We need to ensure we are living the values and principles we have committed to provide.   What better way to take a break from the day to day and spend time with the people you support, your staff, families and community members to hear how you are doing.

With a framework from Vickie Vining,  the Quality Committee of CCLN has expanded a Quality Assurance tool that can be used internally as well as used in a peer review process. 

Download the QA Tool (PDF, 150 KB)

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the tool and results of pilot projects with the tool. 

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